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Pipe Leak Repair Specialist
San Diego

Kitchen water line leak repair

Whether you have a dripping kitchen faucet, damp cabinets beneath the kitchen sink, or a drain that won’t stop clogging, our licensed professional plumbers will use our training, expertise, and diagnostics equipment to find the source of the leak. After assessing the condition of the pipes to help strategize our approach for repair, we’ll carry out the kitchen water line leak repair, and assess for damage as well. We adhere to high standards, and we guarantee our work.

Bathroom water line leak repair

If you hear odd sounds of dripping in the walls of your bathroom or see mold, peeling wallpaper, or damp patches outside of your shower, tub or sink, you probably have a leak.  Our professional plumbing experts will find and repair your bathroom water line leak to save you money and give you peace of mind.

Basement water pipe leaks repair

Basements are notorious for their mustiness and strange wet patches on walls and ceilings.  Water in the basement should not go unchecked, but finding the source of the leak is tricky. When you call Tomson Plumbing, we’ll use our leak detection equipment and 15 years of experience to trace, locate, and fix your basement water pipes leak. We’ll also determine whether the problem is caused by pipes leaking  from excessive water pressure, corrosion, or faulty appliances. If your upstairs toilets or tubs are leaking water through deteriorated seals, we can detect and repair that, too. 

Professional Water Leak Repair Specialist Company San Diego

Water leaks waste precious water and hard-earned money. Even the smallest leak can do major damage to your home or your business. But without the proper training and equipment, it can be difficult to determine where most leaks come from - or what’s causing them. Leak Repair Pro specializes in water leak detection. Our trained, licensed, and professional plumbers are equipped with everything needed to trace, locate, and repair leaks in residential and commercial buildings. We offer the highest quality water leak detection and repair services in San Diego.